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May 24, 2005


Thibaud Caillet

Nice blog Carlos; people are not indeed always that proactive in Linkedin.
We'll talk about the difficulty to change "networking" minds in the old continent on July 5 in Paris, a nice conference to attend !

Des Walsh

Nice summary on Linkedin. Loved - and was appalled by - the story of the bankers who wanted to fish but not be found! Which reminds me I went to a seminar the other day and the guy who gave an excellent presentation on search engine optimisation had not brought any cards to hand out - not because he only believed in online contact, he just hadn't brought them. I wanted to refer someone to him and had to go to some trouble to find out how to reach him.

Marc Freedman


Excellent points. I too increasingly find people without cards. At our DallasBlue events I publish attendee names for everyone so people can look one another up on LinkedIn. Thank you for joining us at LinkedIn Innovators.

Marc Freedman
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